Never lose a phone number again

          It was a rainy day, James was traveling to Lagos for a business when he encountered some fine boys along the highway, luckily enough James was cashless, so these boys could only extract the few cash he had on him for petty spending, but James had an ordeal he never wished for, it was his first time visiting Lagos and he was on a business trip which could have fetched him a lot of money. But the fine boys on the high way made away with his phone and all his contacts, notes and important information were all gone. He knows no one to run to in Lagos, he became stranded.
          The story of James is definitely not new to many of us, because a lot of people has had a similar ordeal one way or the other, then we realize how important the phone or phonebook is to us; and most time you tell yourself if I had known it was this important I would not have held it in my hands, I should have found a way of protecting it to make sure nothing takes it away from me. Unrealistic as it sounds, yet it is possible.
How valuable is your phone
Your phone is not just a communication gadget, but it is also a connecting tool, it is not just needed that moment you need to make a call, rather it carries your contacts and connections with you all the time, many people store notes and other important documents in their phones, for this reason, it has become pertinent that you protect and backup your phone content from time to time, and design a security module by which if your phone got missing no one will be able to access your data on the phone even when they take possession of the phone, there are many ways to secure the content of your phone, but in this write-up our focus is on securing, your contacts such that even when your phone is stolen, you won’t be stranded in Lagos like James.

The New Dawn
Keeping your contacts safe is possible today with cloud computing, James could have easily look for a café and log into his email account and retrieve whichever contact he needs and continue to do the business that brought him to Lagos if he had uploaded his phone contacts to a Google account or any other social media that offers similar services.
          Uploading your contacts to your Google account is fast, easy and its free. In the event that your phone is mislaid, all you need is purchase another phone and add your email account to the phone and synchronize your contacts between your Google account and the phone. (in times past, you could only backup your contacts to a file which you could store on your PC. Updating such backup was faced with many limitations, but currently, with the advent of cloud computing you not only can backup your contacts and other data to the cloud but you have the flexibility of updating your contacts each time a new contact is added.
How it works
Here were will guide you through getting your contacts kept/stored in your Google account. If you haven’t got yourself a Gmail account yet, then open a browser and go to (if you already have a Gmail account skip this).
Click create account
Follow the procedure to create a Google account, after creating the account, on your android phone, go to settings,
phone number
go to All,
open +Add an account    
choose Google (follow the numbers on the images above)
choose existing or new if you want to create a new one, then enter the username for your Google account and password on the next screen you will be requested to backup your data to your Google Account.
Hit next and your phone data will be saved into your Google Account.
Note that each time you add a new contact, you requested to choose a storage location from the following options; Sim Card, Sd Card, Phone or Google account- please always choose Google account to have all your contacts on your Google account.
In the event that your phone is mislaid, stolen or damaged.
Log into your Google account on any device with internet connection
phone number 2
never loose a phone 1
Click more and choose Contacts (see images)