Online income myths busted – the truth about earning extra income online

online income myths

I believe you’ve heard the hype everywhere how you can earn income online and become rich within a short time. At times you don’t have to do anything or at most, you can create a website once with some information and there you go poof – the income will start rolling in even why you are on a vacation. I have come across so many business owners – some happen to be my close friends such that they could confide in me how frustrated they feel believing that there is something they were doing wrong, after putting all their energy into building their wealth online, it turns out not to be as lucrative as they were told. This is because they have been affected by the many online income myths, stories that project earning extra income online as a lazy man’s job.

If you have been curious about how you can earn extra income online, chances are you have turned to your browser and googled “how to earn online income” and then you got a long list of search results filled with many online income myths.

The search result titles promise so many quick ways to make income online such that you don’t know which to click on first, and before you knew it, you were confused and frustrated. The many online income myths have swept your feet off the ground.

Relax, this write-up will deal with some of these myths and why you should not fall for them. Then we will also be exploring in details what online income is all about and how you can start building your presence, online to start earning that extra income you’ve been wishing for.

Below are a few of the many myths about earning online income

You Don’t need to invest anything

online income myths 1

Sure you can earn extra income online, but not “without investing anything”. Many online income seekers are quick to fall for this blatant lie. This is one major online income distraction. It is not possible to earn or get a reward without making any effort. Your effort is your investment, which may either be time or money. Time includes the time you spent in learning and finally acting in a specific way to generate income.

Once you set it up you can relax and watch your money rolling in

online income myths 2

The second most misleading online income myths suggest that once you set it up your work is done. Gone are the days of being able to market one piece of information product to hundreds or thousands of people and not provide real support or update. People are no longer satisfied with programs that treat them as numbers, but programs that take into consideration their real need. Besides the information, business changes every second, such that if you are not technically up to date, no one will take your obsolete program for any reason.

In essence, building a successful online presence isn’t about how much income you generate, but how many persons you are able to impact. You will only make a huge impact if you continue to learn and upgrade your product or program.

Get Paid for doing a trivial task that adds no value

Get me right, I am not saying that you can’t earn a fortune online though, but the emphasis on how you can make a fortune doing a trivial task that adds no value is what baffles me.

Take for instance Utubecash where you are promised payment upon watching some videos. Although I wasn’t able to verify the veracity of their claims due to time factor (I really can’t spare a time to watch some videos to see if I can get paid or not). One thing is certain, that is; you create no value by watching videos, what then are you being paid for?

The ‘How I earn xxxxxxx figures in x days’ – Magic Cash Distraction

Another distracting and more prevalent online income myths are the get-rich-quick approach that suggests you can earn millions of dollars in 3-7 days. I refer to this as the magic cash distraction. The articles which project a get rich quick system and are usually long and endless with upsells in between telling you to click here and there and at the end, you find yourself at the middle of nowhere.

What online income is all about

Now you’ve seen the many online income myths, I am sure you’ve come across many of these. Now you know why you became frustrated. Well, if you are still reading this, it implies you are still eager to make it online. Relax, you are good to go. Online income is very similar to everyday business, where you give value to get value. There is no magic wand, no quick fix nor a free meal anywhere in the world. The logic is simple, what you give determines what you get.

Without mimicking words, there are many ways to generate income online, but before you begin, have it in mind, that no one is going to give you his money, time and attention if you have nothing beneficial to offer. Potential clients are searching for you every second. If you have something valuable to offer, you will get found on the global market (world-wide-web), therefore the possibilities are endless.

Who needs online income and why?

Growth in online business has soared high in recent years and it shows no sign of slowing down. Expectations in online business growth are exceeded year after year, over the next few years a lot of people will be pushing to get in line for their share of online income profits. This is the new economy that has come to stay. Online income is technically an income you generate from your activities on the internet. To some, it serves as extra income, while others receive theirs as passive income. Companies like Google, Amazon, and YouTube are purely operated on the internet hence their main income is generated online. Almost every business is operated online today and in the next few years, any business that has no online presence will become obsolete.

Streams to earn extra income from home.

Online income is simply based on followership, the number of persons following you will amount to the size of your audience. These people follow you for a purpose and as you continue to feed and nurture them, they remain loyal to you and even bring more people to follow you. Then you can convert this audience to cash or sales. Below is a list of the various wages you can build an audience.

Video making – Youtube

Blogging – on your own website or guest posting

Build a social media audience


The above list suggests some ways you can build an audience online.  After you have successfully garnered a sizeable audience, you can convert that audience to income using some of the following means:

  • Advertisement – Adsense – others
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Sell your products
  • Offer courses
  • Offer special services
  • Others