word text manipul
Mastering Ms Word Text Manipulation

One powerful feature of Ms Word is its ability to manipulate text, hence it is called a word processor. Performing a task in Ms Word could be very daunting if you are not familiar with the tips and tricks of Ms Word Text Manipulation. In this tutorial, I will show you some of the tricks […]

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ms word spelling and grammar tool 4
Using Ms Word Spelling and Grammar Tool

Every document you prepare is a record. In some cases, these records are kept for future references. It is not only embarrassing to publish a document with misspelled words and bad grammars. It also distorts the message and in some cases could result in huge losses. Ms Word Spelling and Grammar tool help to make […]

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generate graphic design income
Better ways to Generate Graphic Design income from home

Have you been searching for where to generate income as a graphic designer? Maybe you are no longer comfortable with the income you generate doing logo designs online. Or working as a freelancer. In this post, I want to show you a better way you can generate graphic design income and gain more reputation. Okay, […]

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ms word wordart 2
Beautifying documents using Ms Word WordArt 2010

If you wish to spice up your Ms Word documents, why not insert some WordArt? Ms Word WordArt is a decorative text that you can add to a document fast and easy. You can further edit your WordArt if you want it more attractive. You can change the font size, text colour, add special effects […]

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ms word shapes f
Creating Ms Word Shapes

When using Ms Word, often times you need to express your message with some kind of illustrations which are neither clip arts nor pictures. Microsoft Word provides you with a lot of options to illustrate your point using various shapes like; lines, basic shapes, block arrows, callouts, flowcharts, equations, stars, and banners. With these Ms […]

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powerpoint ribbon hide
Understanding the Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon

Beginning with PowerPoint 2007, the tabbed Ribbon system replaced the traditional menus. PowerPoint Ribbon is made up of multiple tabs, each containing several groups of related commands. You need a good understanding of the ribbon’s tabs to be able to perform virtually every task in PowerPoint. Exploring the PowerPoint Ribbon For virtually every task you […]

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creating PowerPoint presentation 3
Ms PowerPoint Tutorial: Creating PowerPoint Presentation

In my previous post, Beginning Microsoft PowerPoint, I introduced you to the basis of creating PowerPoint Presentation. Here I am going to give you more detail on creating your first PowerPoint presentation, ensure you have read the previous post and get familiar with the basics of starting Microsoft PowerPoint. There are several of ways for […]

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Editing PowerPoint Presentation 1
Ms PowerPoint Tutorial: Editing PowerPoint Presentation

After creating a PowerPoint presentation, you are required to save it for further use. To begin editing PowerPoint presentation, you will need to open the file you created earlier. To open a previous presentation, see Beginning PowerPoint Presentation. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to edit your presentation, like selecting a slide, adding […]

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PowerPoint presentation view reading
Ms PowerPoint Tutorial: Switching PowerPoint Presentation View

Microsoft PowerPoint offers you four different types of Presentation view to see your presentation look and feel. Each of the four PowerPoint presentation view available in Microsoft PowerPoint has its advantages over the others. The default Presentation view in Microsoft PowerPoint is the normal view. This implies that when you start Microsoft PowerPoint if the […]

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Microsoft Tutorial; Moving and Repositioning Ms Word Images

If you have been using other desktop applications where you can drag and drop images, or simply move images to a different position with your mouse, you will find it more complex handling Ms Word images. This is because Ms Word is largely a word processing application. You will find it difficult to drag or […]

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Microsoft Word Tutorial; Inserting Ms Word TextBox

Microsoft Word gives you many tools to format and present your document in unique and attractive layouts. One of the tools you will find very useful when working with Microsoft Word is the Ms Word TextBox. In Microsoft Word 2010, you can use the Ms Word TextBox to separate a portion of your text to […]

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ms word ribbon
Microsoft Tutorial: Understanding the Ms Word Ribbon

Starting with Ms Word 2007 and subsequent versions, Ms Word uses a tabbed Ribbon in place of the traditional menu system. The Ms Word Ribbon contains several tabs properly arranged in switchable menus across the top of the Ms Word window.  If you’ve been using earlier versions of Ms Word, or you are just beginning to use Ms Word, […]

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