Microsoft Word tutorial; Changing Ms Word View

Have you been working on a document in Microsoft Word and you are not comfortable with the appearance of the document, yet you don’t know what to do? If your answer is yes, then read on to know how you can change Ms Word View. In Ms Word, there are five different way to view […]

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Here is how to carry out a comprehensive blog edit

What the heck are keywords? Jetting out at BlogSpot, I was smeared with Html, XML, widgets and the likes. Then I moved on to WordPress, I ended up getting baptized again with the water of PHP and the likes of plugins, which I managed to survive. As I was about catching my breath I heard […]

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5 Top blog tracking tools for measuring your site viewership

Gigantic and elegant, the structures were alluring, design appeared heavenly, and mankind felt they have invented and eternal legacy to defile the oceans, although it was a classic piece, globally acclaimed as the first of its kind, yet it was the height of disaster to happen. Large enough to accommodate a community of different folks, […]

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5 Favourite bloggers I think you should follow and why

Do you dream of a successful career as a blogger? If your answer is yes, then read on. Becoming a successful blogger is not a game of chance; rather it is a thing of practice, persistence and patience. One way you can shoot at the moon early in your blogging career is avoiding some costly […]

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best current money making business
Why blogging ranks as best current money making business

The machines are here, robots are taking up many jobs, and lots of employment opportunities are being cut. Sophia is going everywhere, hoping to become a citizen soon. And humans gradually become less useful for routine tasks. Portfolio jobs are failing and where they are available, the stress is unbearable. But you can’t even breathe […]

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keyword tool online blogging tools
5 free online blogging tools that can impact your blog positively

Most startup bloggers are often constrained to spend as they have budgeted a limited amount to spend pending when they start generating income. Thus most time they find it difficult to pay for some services. Thanks to some of these services now offering a limited portion of their service free to encourage startup bloggers, in […]

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graphic design work 1
Ignore this little things and your graphic design work will suffer

As a graphic designer, you will create logos that represent brand identity. You will design brochures, magazines, websites and a host of other visuals. So you should be versatile to deliver on your job. The business of visual communication is very competitive. Your graphic design work should be near excellent if not perfect. In this […]

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futura graphic design font
5 Graphic Design Fonts you should keep handy

As a graphics designer, one way you can stand out among your pairs is knowing when to apply a particular font. Graphic Design Fonts are the basic blocks of expressing your creativity in every design you make. Having knowledge of fonts that you can use in multiple instances or in a particular instance will go […]

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graphic design special effect
CorelDraw Tutorial: Creating Graphic Design Special Effect

Now that you can draw shapes, colour them and add text to your graphic design, it is time to learn how to manipulate shapes with graphic design special effect. In this section, I will be introducing you to some graphics design special effect in CorelDraw Graphic Design Software.  I want to believe you have followed […]

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Graphic Design Text
Adding Graphic Design Text and Text Effects in CorelDraw

Now that you can Create CorelDraw Graphics Design, draw regular graphics design shapes, Adjust CorelDraw Graphics Design Fills and Outlines, Select and transform graphics design objects, Organize Graphics Design Objects, you are becoming familiar with CorelDraw Graphic Design Software. In this section, we are going to break new grounds, using CorelDraw Graphic Design Text tool […]

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organize graphics design objects
CorelDraw Tutorial: Organize Graphics Design Objects

In the previous lesson, I showed you how to select and transform Graphics Design Objects. In this lesson, I am going to show you  how you can organize graphics design objects to give you that unique shape you want for every of your graphics design. Every Graphics design is made up of several objects ranging […]

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