Making a Booklet with Microsoft Word 2010

        Making a Booklet is quite easy when using a word processor like Microsoft Word which has so many features that allows for easy manipulation and publication of booklets and magazines, these features includes; page layouts, columns and column breaks, footers & headers, page numbers, table of contents etc.         In this tutorial we focus […]

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Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Word 2010

When it comes to word processing and document handling, Microsoft Word stands-out amongst equals, Microsoft Word is the word processing software from Microsoft Corporation and in this tutorial, we shall be introducing the basic features of Microsoft Word 2010. To complete this tutorial, you need a P.C running windows 7 or later with a copy […]

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Graphics Design Fills outlin
Adjusting CorelDraw Graphics Design Fills and Outlines

Having learnt how to create Graphics Design with Coredrawx4 in the previous lesson. In this lesson, Adjusting Graphics Design Fills and Outlines, I am going to show you how to add fills and outlines to your graphics designs. When you add an object to your drawing, the object is given a default fill and outline, […]

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Never lose a phone number again

          It was a rainy day, James was traveling to Lagos for a business when he encountered some fine boys along the highway, luckily enough James was cashless, so these boys could only extract the few cash he had on him for petty spending, but James had an ordeal he never wished […]

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Windows 7 Operating System some details

Windows 7 is an Operating System developed by Microsoft, it is also part of the Windows NT family. At the moment window 7 is widely used across different personal computer, both old and new, as a lot of users are yet to appreciate Windows 8 or Windows 10, due to their high level of technicality […]

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Understanding the Computer for beginners

The Computer is an electronic device that can receive input from the user, process the input and bring out the desired output; hence the computer is said to be garbage in garbage out. Therefore to achieve anything from the computer, the user must be well acquainted with how it functions. To know how the computer […]

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draw regular graphics design shapes
How to draw regular graphics design shapes with CorelDraw x4

In the previous lesson, we learnt how to Shape Graphics Design Objects using the Combine, Trim, Intersect and Welding. Here, we are going to look at how you can create regular graphics design shapes like circle, rectangle, square, spirals and graph paper. Shapes like circles, rectangles, polygons, curves and lines forms the basis of every […]

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create graphics design open
How to Create Graphics Design with CorelDrawx4

If you have followed our previous lessons Introduction to Corelx4 Graphics Design Software and Detail Tutorial on Corelx4 Graphics Design Software successfully, then you are now set to create Graphics Design with CorelDrawx4. Creating New Drawings to Create Graphics Design To create new drawings do one of the following: Click File, New, or Click the […]

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corelx4 graphics design software 1
Detail tutorial on Corelx4 Graphics Design Software

In the previous lesson, ‘Introduction to CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design’, I introduced you to Corelx4. Showing you how to start the program and taking you through the various icons on the screen and their functions. In this tutorial “Detailed Tutorial on Corelx4 Graphics Design Software”, we shall build on what we learnt in the previous lesson. […]

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Graphics Design Software
Introduction to CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design Software

CorelDraw is a vector-based Graphics Design program that makes it easy for you to create professional artwork from simple logos to intricate technical illustrations. The enhanced text-handling capabilities of CorelDraw allows you to create text with special effects, fills, and backgrounds for different projects such as brochures, calendars, cards, and lots more. CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design […]

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Here is how you should start grooming your Graphics design skills

Graphic Design as an art requires several skills to draw, color, shape and arrange objects alongside with text to present visual communication of ideas or messages. The uses of graphics design range from logo designs, presentation, illustration and even engineering designs. Graphic design is as old as the world itself, from the ancient woodcarver to […]

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