Some useful Microsoft Word shortcut keys you should learn

word shortcut keys
One thrilling feature of the computer is its speed in delivering, to enhance this speed, a user can learn a lot of shortcut keys to make operation brief and speedy, rather than move the mouse clicking on one or two menus to perform every task, use of shortcut keys can highly set you ahead of your peers.
Below are some Microsoft Word shortcut keys in alphabetical order

Ctrl+ A: Select All, let you select everything on the document you are working on
Ctrl+ B: bolding the selected text, when no text is selected, Bold is activated for the next typed.
Ctrl+ C: copy selected text or object to the clipboard
Ctrl+ D: opens the fonts dialog box
Ctrl+ E: align the selected line or paragraph to the center
Ctrl+ F: finds a word or phrase in the document
Ctrl+ G:    go to a specify page, section, bookmark, footnote, line or comment
Ctrl+ H:    open the find and replace dialog box
Ctrl+ I:   italicized selected text, when none is selected, italic is activated for the next typed
Ctrl+ J: justify the selected line or paragraph
Ctrl+ K: insert a hyperlink
Ctrl+L:   align the selected line or paragraph left
Ctrl+M: add tab to selected paragraph
Ctrl N:   create a new document
Ctrl+O: calls the open a document dialog box
Ctrl+P:   calls the print dialog box
Ctrl+R: align the selected line or paragraph to the right
Ctrl+S:   calls up the save dialog box, and save when the job is already saved
Ctrl+T: indentation
Ctrl+U: underline selected
Ctrl+V: paste
Ctrl + W:   close document the open document
Ctrl +X: cut selected text or objects
Ctrl +z: undo last action
Ctrl + 1:    single line spacing selected paragraph
Ctrl + 2:    double line spacing
Ctrl + 5:    1 ½ line spacing
Ctrl + 0:    paragraph spacing
Ctrl + F1: ribbon close/collapse
Ctrl + F2: calls the prints dialog box
Ctrl + F4: close document
Ctrl + F9: insert braces
Ctrl + F10:        restore windows
Ctrl + F12:        open
F12:                 save as
F1:        help
F11:      spelling and grammar
Ctrl + shift + A= change selected text to All CAPS
Ctrl + shift + D = double  underline
Ctrl + shift +G = shows document word count