microsoft excel
Beginning Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel is a rich feature spreadsheet that allows users to input and manipulate data, doing summations, arithmetical calculations and producing graphs, pie charts and statistical tables from data, Microsoft Excel is used mainly by professionals who collect and analyse data and those who just wish to collect data in a well arranged format, hence […]

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Making a Booklet with Microsoft Word 2010

        Making a Booklet is quite easy when using a word processor like Microsoft Word which has so many features that allows for easy manipulation and publication of booklets and magazines, these features includes; page layouts, columns and column breaks, footers & headers, page numbers, table of contents etc.         In this tutorial we focus […]

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Understanding the Computer for beginners

The Computer is an electronic device that can receive input from the user, process the input and bring out the desired output; hence the computer is said to be garbage in garbage out. Therefore to achieve anything from the computer, the user must be well acquainted with how it functions. To know how the computer […]

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