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Mastering Ms Word Text Manipulation

One powerful feature of Ms Word is its ability to manipulate text, hence it is called a word processor. Performing a task in Ms Word could be very daunting if you are not familiar with the tips and tricks of Ms Word Text Manipulation. In this tutorial, I will show you some of the tricks […]

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ms word wordart 2
Beautifying documents using Ms Word WordArt 2010

If you wish to spice up your Ms Word documents, why not insert some WordArt? Ms Word WordArt is a decorative text that you can add to a document fast and easy. You can further edit your WordArt if you want it more attractive. You can change the font size, text colour, add special effects […]

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Making a Booklet In Microsoft Word Part II

This tutorial is an advanced level of making a booklet in Microsoft Word, for better understanding ensure you read and practice our previous tutorial on making a booklet in Microsoft Word 2010, and follow the process of adding text to a table of content, then open the document you formatted in the previous tutorial and continue from […]

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Making a Booklet with Microsoft Word 2010

        Making a Booklet is quite easy when using a word processor like Microsoft Word which has so many features that allows for easy manipulation and publication of booklets and magazines, these features includes; page layouts, columns and column breaks, footers & headers, page numbers, table of contents etc.         In this tutorial we focus […]

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Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Word 2010

When it comes to word processing and document handling, Microsoft Word stands-out amongst equals, Microsoft Word is the word processing software from Microsoft Corporation and in this tutorial, we shall be introducing the basic features of Microsoft Word 2010. To complete this tutorial, you need a P.C running windows 7 or later with a copy […]

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