Tech Giant Apple is the first trillion dollar company

tech giant apple

The biblical story of creation gave an account of the forbidden fruit which Adam and Eve ate in disobedience. Many believed that fruit was an apple fruit. And now it’s Tech Giant Apple all over the news becoming the first the fruit of the tech industry to show where the future economy is leading.

Although not leading out of paradise this time I hope, but it leaves a lot of caution about the future. Our relationship has shrunk as the relationship between human and computers bloom.

From a sprawling dwarf to a Tech Giant 

21 years ago, Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy, but for the effort of Steve Jobs. He brought the change that revolutionized not only Apple but the tech industry as a whole. He was a dogged fighter, an adventurer, whom at some point appeared to have lost his mind. No wonder he was forced to leave Apple in 1986 only to return to in 1997. Today Steve is no more and Apple is a trillion dollar company, and the first, I am yet to hear anyone mention Steve Jobs.

The Brain behind Apple’s Success

It was Steve’s dream to hand everyone a little computer. So Apple brought the smartphone revolution, but it soon renegade against it for what it calls user’s experience. Could Apple be monopolizing the tech market in some sorts? Apple devices are somewhat restricted from connecting with other tech giant platforms like Microsoft, Google and the likes that rely hugely on software for their revenue.

The revolution in the tech industry has just begun and Apple is leading it. We hope to see a robust digital world which will not only put money in the pockets of tech giants’ owners. But will also be concerned about the social disconnect the new economy is bringing. The isolation the smartphones are bringing is fast become a global disaster. And who knows what lies ahead. What can the users do, that go grab some iPhone and feel connected? whereas they are really connected to the void called e-globe.