Understanding the Computer for beginners

The Computer is an electronic device that can receive input from the user, process the input and bring out the desired output; hence the computer is said to be garbage in garbage out. Therefore to achieve anything from the computer, the user must be well acquainted with how it functions.
To know how the computer function, the user ought to know the various parts that makes up a complete computer in other to be able to operate the machine effectively.
Parts of the Computer
The computer is made up of;
The CPU (Central Processing Unit) also called main processing
The VDU (Visual Display Unit)  also known as the output monitor
The Keyboard  also known as input device
The Mouse another input device.  
Now let’s take a comprehensive look at each of these main components in details.
The Central Processing Unit (CPU)
This is the main processing unit of the computer, it contains the main board, an hard drive which is the storage unit and some other peripherals connected together in a box to provide the main functioning unit of the computer.
As shown in the picture above
The CPU has a power button, a CD-ROM drive with a button to eject and inject the CD-ROM/CD Writer.
The power button enables you to switch on the CPU just as in every electronic.
The Visual Display Unit (VDU)
This is the display unit or monitor, the VDU is connected to the CPU via a VisualGraphic Adapter (VGA) cable; to allow the information being processed in the CPU to be displayed on the monitor; there are various type of monitors and sizes.
The Mouse
The Mouse is an input device which enables user to manipulate the computer with ease; the mouse consist of two buttons and a wheel, moving the wheel, generate movement of the arrow-shaped image on the screen and the two button are used to perform different operation at different instances, pressing the right-button is referred to as right-clicking, and pressing the left button also referred to as left-clicking.

To make effective use of the mouse, you must learn how to handle the mouse properly.
To handle the mouse properly;
·        place the base of your palm on the table
·        hold the mouse with your thumb finger on one side then your ring and little finger on the other side
·        your index finger on one button and your middle finger on the other
·        to move the arrow on the screen allow the base of the mouse to rest on the pad while moving it towards the desired direction, and lift the mouse to prevent moving the arrow on the screen, and when you have moved the mouse to the desired position, you either right-click or you left click, depending on what you want to achieve.
The Keyboard
The keyboard is also an input device which enables the user to enter alphabetic & numeric characters into the computer for processing. The keyboard is divided into sub-sections:
·        Alphabetic keys
·        Numeric keys
·        Function keys
·        Arrow keys
·        Control keys
The alphabetic key section of the keyboard is made up or alphabets from letter A to Z – see picture
Numeric keys: Comprises of the numbers from 0-9, including some mathematical function keys like – = + / etc..
Function keys: The function keys are numbered from F1 – F12. They provide different function in different environment and in some instances they are combined with other keys to perform some functions.
Arrow or directional keys: are arranged and are used for many around the screen.
Control keys: Comprises of the Ctrl, Shift & Alt keys these keys are on both sides besides the alphabetic section on the keyboard, they are used to perform certain control functions and they can also be combined with other keys in different instances.
These are the component that makes up a complete Personal Computer, and they are also known as the computer hardware i.e. the physical components of a computer, these physical components cannot function without the Software, or an Operating System. There are different types of software, of major concern to a beginner is the windows operating system.