If you want to actually Make Money Blogging, then avoid these mistakes

actually Make Money Blogging

You can actually make money blogging if you do the right things at the right time. It is a common phenomenon to place the cart before the horse, especially when you are only interested in getting the cart to its destination not minding how it gets there, which is actually not possible?

Yeah, many bloggers started blogging with the intention to actually make money blogging. While I don’t think it is bad to envisage making money from your blog, however, it is wrong to make it a focal point. When making money is all your crave for each time you blog, then you will most likely end not able to actualize that dream, because the reality to making money while blogging, is similar to our day to day living which stipulates that [bctt tweet=”‘if you have to make a living, then you have to work for it, and if you want to make a better living it also implies working better.’” username=”sealedgegraphix”]

To actually make money blogging is not different, if you are still fantasying of making money blogging and travelling around the world to see beautiful places like a professional blogger, you have a dream that is achievable. But it requires courage, time and devotion.

Maybe you have been blogging for a while and has not been getting result, relax, after reading this post, you will come to see what you need place foremost, what you have been doing wrong or not doing enough, and when you put these into practice, I can assure you that you will notice changes on your blog in a few weeks of concrete action.

If you are still there, good now let’s dive in!

Here are those costly mistakes you must avoid if you want to actually Make Money Blogging

Blogging Mistake No 1: Setting out on a wrong footing; no plan, no prospect

actually Make Money Blogging

Setting out to make money blogging is not just as the name implies “make money blogging” if you follow the words as it reads, then you have missed it. I will advise you rearrange the phrase this way; “blogging, make money” this arrangement is better, as it allows you to concentrate on what you have to do to get to where you want to be.

If your concentration is solely on making money, then you will never make money blogging, you will always be distracted and disillusioned because you have no plan to achieve your desired result. My advice; focus on “blogging” and the rest will follow.

How do I focus on blogging?

Good question! Focusing on blogging means you focus more on how you can be a better blogger, and to achieve that, you need a blogging plan.

Why you need a plan?

A plan can be viewed as a scheme of work, an outline of what you need to do to achieve your goals. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “whoever fails to plan has already planned to fail”. Without a plan, you can’t measure your performance nor know your prospect. If you want to actually make money blogging, you need a concrete blogging business plan. Your blogging business plan should contain details of your blogging business; how you are going to start out, what you are offering, and the route you intend to take and how you expect it to grow and so on. This plan will fall under review from time to time to allow you measure your blogging business success.

Looking at a blogging business plan in detail

  • Identify your potentials and skills (what you think you have that people out there need)
  • Identify who those who need your skills (target audience)
  • Strategies how to communicate to your target audience more effectively
  • How many resources do you have to start-up and how will you continue to sustain it
  • What will you give your audience to keep them coming (internal promotion like eBooks, videos, tutorials and more importantly rapt attention and response)
  • Take note of your competitors and try to be different
  • Map out your promotional strategy.

The above list is not exhaustive, but it represents a typical success intend blogging business plan. Not having the above items in your plan, will result in a wobbling and stagnant blogging career.

Blogging Mistake No 2:  You have nothing to offer for a return

actually Make Money Blogging 1

Focusing your attention on your destination without planning out the route and the means of getting there will at best leave you at a static point daydreaming.

Generating income from blogging is not magic, it cannot come to pass overnight it requires effort, concrete effort.

You may be on the internet for years, but without a decisive action that is focused in a particular direction, you are wasting time. If your plan is focused on making money urgently, it becomes worse.

Oh, what then should I do?

Don’t be frustrated, just be calm. Here is the line you are missing. You want income flowing in from your blog, you want people viewing your site over and over again, you want people to follow you on the social media, good and great, that is what every blogger wants. But the ice-breaking question is; why do you expect these people to follow you? Answering this question correctly will get you started.

People will follow you only when there is something they stand to benefit from following you, and that thing is the value you must create with your blog. So in plain terms, you should focus on what “these people” (your followers) wants.

Blogging Mistake No 3: You are not looking in the right direction

actually Make Money Blogging 2

Having a plan and having a thing of value to share with your readers will not just pick you up to that place you want to be. Most times you have to shift your focus over and over again till you get the right direction by asking the right questions.

Oftentimes bloggers place the question wrongly when they ask

  • How can I make money blogging
  • How can I get more people to view my blog site

Phrasing these questions in the manner above is obviously putting the cart before the horse.

I would rather phrase these two questions like these:

  • What way can I present my ideas on my blog that will intrigue my audience?
  • What is that special thing ‘these people’ are looking for that I can provide?

A lot of articles have been written, and most times, you just go out there and do a rewrite of an article and place adverts around these articles and expect people to read and come back. If you are blogging this way, just know that every visitor you get is by chance and certainly, they won’t come back. Maybe if you learn to track your site viewership, you will understand what I am talking about here.

Don’t be intimidated that you are just starting out, try to be unique. Uniqueness is that you are not ‘re-inventing the wheel. You may be writing an article on a topic that thousands of people had written on, but in your own way you are able to differentiate yours from the crowd, that is uniqueness.

Looking in the right direction implies research, by pushing yourself harder, get to know what others are doing and try to do it better. Search for tools that can help improve your blog. You may not necessarily pay for these tools. Be determined to learn a new thing on a daily basis. Blogging is only for those who love to learn I must tell you if you are not a reader and a learner, then don’t venture into it.

You will find tools that can help in shaping your articles Headlines to make them inviting and engaging and other tools that will help you to structure your content, and mind you the blogging platform is such that continues to evolve so you must be prepared to keep up with the tide.

Wrapping it all up

I believe by now you are beginning to think of your next line of action, you may not have to pull down what you have already. All you need might be a thorough site edit to make your blog relevant. Besides from time to time every blogger who wants to actually make money blogging or continue making money blogging should carry out a thorough site edit.

Follow the points listed about and do a proper site edit and keep track of your website with these tools.

And I can assure you that in less than a month you will notice appreciable changes on your blog, such changes like ranking higher in Alexa index, getting found on Google search and the traffic will start rolling in.

If you’ve read it all until this point, then you are a great blogger, congrats great reader, please let us know your own ideas through the comment box below.