What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office 2010
I never thought of doing this article, until recently when a friend walked up to me and asked, “How can I learn Microsoft Office”? At first I was startled “Microsoft Office?” I replied, and then I realized that the young man was searching for a particular software by the name ‘Microsoft Office’ which actually does not exist.
Did I just say Microsoft Office does not exist? No! My point is a particular software named Microsoft Office does not exist, but Microsoft Office exist as a collection of programs.
This young chap was required to be knowledgeable in Microsoft Office as a condition to meet a job interview, although he had learnt Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel; he was stranded when he heard Microsoft Office; and I am convinced that many persons fall into this category, therefore the purpose of this write-up.

        Microsoft office is a collection of Office Suite, it consist of MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook. We shall look at the component in brief and try to understand their uses and their users as well.

Microsoft Word

A word processing program that allows you to create and edit document for office and other uses, its rich features allows you to design your document with headers & footers, references, notes, footnotes and table of contents, you can also add images to make the documents attractive and easy to understand, Microsoft word is the most used word processor on windows. You can learn the basics here.

Microsoft Excel

A spreadsheet, that allows for data entering and storage, can be used for calculation, graphing and statistical operations, MS excels is suitable for accounting firms and other data analyst as it is layered in pivot tables that allows for data entering in rows and columns for easy summation and manipulations.

Microsoft PowerPoint

A presentation program, that allows user to create slides which can then be animated to buttress the speakers point of view, power point has rich features that allows sound to be added to slides, as well as effects that makes presentations look lively, the program is most useful when giving a talk and the speaker wants to give detailed illustration of the talk in graphic details.

Microsoft Outlook

Usually referred to as personal assistant, is basically an email application, but also has a calendar and other personal information assisting tools like contact manger, task manger and note taking.
These are the major content of Microsoft office and their various uses, however there are some other inclusions that are not widely used, like Publisher, Visio etc.