Your guide to earning income online creating YouTube videos

income online creating YouTube videos

Recall that funny YouTube video you watched and shared with your friends? That funny video is earning online income for the creator. And there is no limit to how much it can generate. Are you amazed! Here’s how you can start earning income online creating YouTube videos.

YouTube is a platform for fun and entertainment, but it is not fun when we say you can earn income online creating YouTube videos. And it is obviously the most enjoyable way to earning income online.

It is worth mentioning, however, that it isn’t as easy as sticking out your finger in a direction and then the money will just show. That said, earning income online creating YouTube videos is real and it’s relatively simple.

In a bid to help you earn online income with YouTube videos, we’ve put together this how-to guide. This will help you to set up your YouTube channel with the hope of earning some real cash from making videos.

Can I earn huge income online creating YouTube videos?

That’s it, the first question raving on everyone’s mind. Well, the answer is not as plain as the question itself, the answer is conditional. To be honest, it is what you give that determines what you get.

Whereas you might be lucky with a single video gone viral, this is very unlikely. As mentioned earlier, YouTube is a platform for Fun and Entertainment, so if you are able to catch anything funny on film, ensure you give it a good shot.

Aside from fun and entertainment, YouTube is also a platform for Tutorials, How-Tos and DIYs videos. You can build up revenue after growing an audience through DIYs and Tutorials. Posting regular and unique contents.

Your earning is basically your audience size, so the larger your audience the bigger your earning. And your audience is made up of those who are loyal to your brand, they follow your channel base on what you have to offer. See why I said ‘its what you give, that you get’?

YouTube earnings are measured in views so you can make around $1.50 per 1000 views. This means if your views are up to one million, then you can earn up to $1500.

Creating your YouTube Channel

If you are convinced that you have a product to offer, here’s the first thing you’ll need to do to start earning income online creating YouTube videos. Sign into Google and create your YouTube channel, and YouTube provides you with a guide to make it easy. In a couple of minutes, your channel should be ready for you to begin customization.

  • Now click on the user icon at the top right corner of the screen
  • click on the gear icon to go to your account’s YouTube Settings
  • Click on Create a new channel (note: you can have several channels on one google account)
  • Click – Use a business or other name
  • Enter your Brand name and click create (see details on choosing a brand name).

Important customization You must do to get your channel started

Filling out the channel about section

It is important you fill out your channel profile and description. This is the very first option you see after creating a YouTube channel. In this section, you should properly spell out what your brand or channel is about; and what viewers should expect on your YouTube channel. You can also add links to your website and any other social media networks you want to link to your channel.

Designing Your YouTube Channel art

When you visit any YouTube channel, you are immediately greeted with a large banner showcasing what the channel is about. This is similar to a cover photo, but YouTube refers to it as ‘Channel art’. YouTube channel art is the first and most vocal way of introducing your brand.

You can make your channel art to be very loud or minimal as you deem fit, but ensure you keep the focus on your brand. Remember first impression matters a lot, and your channel art is about the first impression.

Set a Channel trailer

Like your YouTube channel art, you can also create a channel trailer. A YouTube Channel trailer is a short video that serves as an intro to your channel for new visitors. With your channel trailer, you can let your audience know what your channel is about, what you want them to know about you and your business.

How does the YouTube Partner Programme work?

Having signed up to create videos with YouTube, you will have to build a good amount of followers/views to meet the YouTube Monetization requirement policy. When your channel meets these requirements, you’ll receive a mail from the YouTube team, asking if you wish to monetize your videos. From that point onward, you can select your best videos you want to earn online income from.

Wondering how YouTube get money to pay you? Here’s the gist; a lot of companies pay Google to place adverts on your videos, and when viewers view these videos, you help in promoting these companies, in return, these companies pay to Google and you get a cut of the profit. Fantastic right?

How to grow your YouTube Channel Audience

income online creating YouTube videos 1

Now you know the way YouTube works – you get popular and then you get paid. You won’t be able to earn income online creating YouTube videos without an audience. You can’t get monetization for videos that no one has watched yet. It sounds annoying, but it is the ideal thing – will you pay to advertise on a billboard down in a hidden spot that no one walks past? While building up a decent YouTube audience might look challenging, below are some steps that can help you get there in time:

Know your target audience and choose your niche to meet their needs:

If you desire to earn income online creating YouTube videos with your YouTube channel, you should have enough source material to work with in creating your videos, you can also approach your video content in several ways.

It is very important that you do some serious research on what you want to create, who you are creating for and how well you can source the necessary materials. There are many popular genres on YouTube like gaming, DIY tutorials, comedy, home and parenting, product reviews etc. Your genre should be linked to the audience you wish to target.

Ensure you upload content regularly

Your audience won’t grow as expected if you are not posting quality videos for people to watch! The more you feed your viewers, the more they stick with you and they sharing your videos will result in a spiral growth and that means more monies you get.

Be real, be original

Uniqueness is when you are offering that which no one else has offered. This way you stand out from the crowd.

Optimize your videos for search

No one will find your videos is they are not made visible by optimizing them for search engines. When uploading a video on YouTube, you are to fill in a title, a description, and tags. What you use as your title, description and tags are very important to the visibility of your videos, ensure you don’t skip them and that you choose related titles, description and tags for each video.

Integrate your channel with your website and social media

It is an added advantage to have a website before creating your YouTube channel. All you need to do is share your videos onto your website using any of the following options:

Post Videos to your Website Homepage: If the content of your videos is related to what you have on your website, why not show them off on your site? You can add your videos to your website homepage so that your videos are one of the first things visitors will come across.

Embed Videos into related Posts: You can have a blog on your website, then you can also write articles about your YouTube videos and have the particular video embedded into that particular post.

Go Social: If you want to start earning income online creating YouTube videos, then news about your channel must spread fast, you must take pride in your videos and share your content across your business various social networks. The wider you share, the wider your exposure, you can invite friends and followers to share as well, maybe with a little stipend or give-away.

Engage with your YouTube Channel community

income online creating YouTube videos 2

Don’t forget, you are building an army of viewers, you must feed and nurture the community you build around your channel. Always engage your viewer by replying to comments, ask and answer questions, and more importantly, listen to your viewers’ voice! They want to watch your videos, so remember to give them what they yearn for.

Finally, think YouTube ads!

Ready to take things to the next higher level? If your answer is yes, then you may want to look into YouTube Advert to get your channel out there far and wide.

If you intend to target a specific group of persons based on interest, or location, YouTube Ads can help you with the right dynamics.

Although it is not a must that you get YouTube ads, it surely will give your channel a boost. However, with quality content and constant engagement, much of your channel growth will come from organic search.

Some items you may need to make good Videos for your YouTube Channel

Depending on what you intend to capture in your videos, you’ll need to get some basic tools for a start, you can always improve on them though.

A basic set-up goes a long way to help in your dream of earning income online creating YouTube videos.

Below are some items you may want to consider for a start:

A Quality Camera – Video quality is key to how viewers rate your video, so you’ll need to capture your videos in full 1080p HD.

Video Making & Editing Software – Your videos will need some touch-up after recording, hence a video editing software like Movie maker, Avid Media Composer or iMovie could be of help. If you want to create tutorials with screen capture, you will need software like OBS Studio.

Desktop Microphone – Most quality cameras come with an inbuilt microphone, but if you are creating tutorials with software like OBS studio, you will need to purchase a desktop microphone.

Backdrops – If you want to add colours to your filming, then you will have to set up a backdrop. You can spice up your videos with different colours or a different collection of artworks.

Others ways you can earn income online creating YouTube videos

Having built up a sizeable video collection with a thriving and dedicated community around your channel, you may find it more rewarding to explore other sources of revenue rather than rely solely on Google Adsense and YouTube.

Patreon is a great alternative you may want to explore, it allows your fans to sign up and make voluntary donations to you each time you post some new content. It also helps you in building up a community that really loves what you post. In appreciation, they will not hesitate to spare a few pennies each time you upload.

Depending on what type of videos you are producing, you may want to try any of the other options listed below:

If you have successfully created a name for yourself (i.e. become renowned) you can approach small and multinational companies to advertise with you.

Okay, you must have learnt a lot about YouTube video making now. We’d love to hear from you.  Don’t hesitate to hit us with your comment below.